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The Far West Rum!

The Authentic Spirit form Barbados, Trinidad & Panama

A blend of rum coming from Barbados, Panama and Trinidad which are 3 leading countries in rum production from Caribbean.

Our rums are aged between 6 and 8 years in carefully selected 220 liters oak barrels.

The sugar cane is carefully selected in order to ensure the highest possible quality .Our canes are harvested between 12 and 14 months which provides an abundant amount of cane juice.

A blend of rums distilled in column stills and traditional pot stills for an optimal aromatic complexity. An essential fact showing the CashCane Rum difference.

Tasting Notes

  • Sharp and lively in the nose marked by wood and oak barrels aging
  • A well-rounded sweet palate, perfectly balanced, with a vanilla, wood and coffee finish
  • Dried fruits and tobacco notes lends to an exquisite aftertaste

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