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SETTE VIE Premium Liqueurs

Secrets of a family recipe

As modern as the packaging looks, the liquid inside stays true to the original recipes created by the founder of the distillery and great grandfather of the current owner. Whilst the processes of creating our amaretto and limoncello have changed with all the technological advances in distillation and production facilities, we have made sure that we use the same natural ingredients that were sourced by its creator.

By insisting on using natural, best-in-class ingredients without the aid of modern artificial additives, Sette Vie Amaretto and Limoncello distinguish themselves by catering to the most discerning palate. Family and tradition are at the heart of Sette Vie, as it is at the heart of Italian culture.

Origin of the name

The name Sette Vie alludes to the part of Italy where the liquids were created and perfected: The Abruzzo region. "Le sette vie d’Abruzzo” (The seven paths to Abruzzo) is a sacred journey that begins with a collection of famous shrines and other places of worship built into the beautiful landscape of the region, such as mountain hermitages and chapels built into natural ravines and caves. The path then leads you through the cobble stone streets of Abruzzo’s ancient and medieval villages often perched on hilltops and mountainsides as suggested by the prefixes of their names: Pesco (fortified hill), Casto (fortified settlement), Villa (agricultural village), or Fara (fief). Next to these villages, Sette Vie alludes to the culinary path made up of the traditional products of Abruzzo such as saffron from Navelli, cheeses, olive oil, regional wines like Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, and most importantly to us, their liqueurs. Born and bred in Abruzzo, steeped in the rich history and tradition of the region, the only name that we could give to these beautiful liqueurs is Sette Vie.

Best in class packaging

In the same way that Sette Vie Amaretto and Sette Vie Limoncello stay true to their original recipes, thus guaranteeing the use of the finest natural ingredients, Sette Vie’s packaging has been sourced from best in class products from across Europe. The bottle itself is from one of France’s most highly respected bottling plants that cater some of the world’s largest luxury drinks brands. It is made from perfume grade glass to ensure the feel of luxury even before the bottle is opened.

The cork is sourced from Portugal - a country responsible for the production of half the world’s output of commercial cork, and its exports represents 70% ofworld trade.

We spent 18 months vetting through the country’s top producers to ensure each bottle of Sette Vie was closed with a best in class, personalized “SV” cork. The back label uses a state of the art, cutting edge, glue composite that reacts with the frosting of the Limoncello bottle to provide the same clear window as the back of the Amaretto bottles. Finally, Sette Vie gift boxes are made of fully recyclable, direct metalized, high quality board called MirriEco Ag. Sette Vie is extremely proud to be one of the first drinks brands in the world to use this eco friendly, fully recyclable, high quality material for all of its gift boxes.

Over five years of meticulous attention to detail, and rigorous testing, has resulted in the creation of one of the world’s best range of Italian Liqueurs – Sette Vie Amaretto and Sette Vie Limoncello. Whilst we look back to pay due respect to the brand’s history, heritage and origins, Sette Vie is constantly looking forward to innovate and continue to be relevant to today’s world. This is the “Italian way” and it is best reflected in the country’s fashion and sports car

industries...and now, in the liqueur industry.

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